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AG BPO is an interprofessional company highly specialized in investor and businessman support, both national and foreign. In AG BPO we seek integral solutions for our clients’ needs.

The company offers back-office administrative services, with a portfolio of services composed of five areas which are: accounting, human resources, legal advice, treasury and administration, and representation so that you do not have to worry about how to install and operate your business in the country.



Human Resources

Legal Advice


Treasury and Administration

Personnel Recruitment Outsourcing

Accounting and Tax Audits


Accounting matters can be tedious and difficult to understand in Costa Rica. A big part of the services we provide is to help you with these accounting matters. We provide services to deal with requirements such as

  • Annual income statement elaboration.
  • Monthly sales statement elaboration.
  • Digitization of documents for the elaboration of financial statements.
  • Main accounts reconciliation.
  • Balances sheets elaboration.
  • Preparation of the results accounts.

We have a highly professional team with vast knowledge in this area who can help you effectively with these services.


AG BPO provides human resources services. These services include the payments of your collaborators, elaboration, and presentation of information to the corresponding public institutions. We can help you with these tasks so your company can have one less weight in its workload.


Treasury and administration are focused on helping you to cancel and manage the company’s obligations such as public services, company’s suppliers, current bank accounts, among others.


We provide our clients with the opportunity to establish and develop their business without needing to settle its executives or any other workers in our country, minimizing the need for travel and physical presence in Costa Rica.


Our clients receive the best legal advice thanks to our hand-to-hand labor with our legal partner AG LEGAL, which facilitates the management of your company’s affairs. Having all these services in just one place makes it easier for your company to access the markets where we provide our services.


At AG BPO SERVICES, we hire for you the profile you require.

We work with the best tools for recruitment, evaluation, and selection of personnel. Additionally, we carry out a rigorous process to guarantee the incorporation of the best talent for your company that adapts to the culture and methodology of work that contributes value with their experience and abilities.

The benefits of outsourcing recruitment are:

  • Reduction in hiring costs.
  • Better quality of candidates hired.
  • Reduction in the time it takes to fill vacancies.


At AG BPO SERVICES, our audit approach is directed toward understanding the company’s operations, strategy, and risk management.

We offer you a strict review of the tax legislation’s financial norms and fiscal requirements.

Our audit goes beyond a simple review of financial statements. We offer a rigorous look at your organization.


Phone Costa Rica: +506 2257 0006
Phone USA / CANADA: + 1 305 671 3768
Address: Avenida 7, calle 29, número 2910, Código Postal 10101, San José, Costa Rica.